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Marketing Project Work

As a result of managing my own business, having a creative eye and demonstrating an ability to take action to meet deadlines I have been asked by existing clients to work on projects that go beyond graphic design requirements.

Some clients want a designers eye to be cast over a website. Recently a cycle stand manufacturer in Bristol asked me to look at their website and develop a site plan idea and visual as to how the design should look. I created clean lines and simple graphics with logical easy paths to get their customers to the information they need quickly and efficiently. The design style was more in keeping with their brand style and used elements of their logo.


Simbars website they currently use:













My proposal for a new website design layout:


Product page proposal:

Sometimes clients need an extra pair of hands in marketing a business, researching their marketplace or managing data to use for campaigns. I have worked for clients who have needed someone to manage their database, research contacts, keep their website updated, create email marketing campaigns as well as help them organise an event. View the testimonial page to see comments from customers I have worked for in this capacity.

My event management experience has been used by Swindon’s Town Centre Management in organising Christmas Parades through the town to organising my own events such as local wedding fayres to promote wedding services to brides.

If you are keen to use my skills and want to find out how I can help you please get in touch and I’d be happy to meet you.